A Rose By Any Other Name - Vegan Friendly Yarn

Being true to our company’s effort for natural and sustainable fibres, we decided to branch out to include an exciting new Spring line of vegan friendly yarn. The first fibre we have chosen to use in this line is a cellulose fibre made from roses. We call our new line of yarn A Rose By Any Other Name - Vegan Friendly Yarn. 

While technically vegan fibres can include synthetic materials like polyester, nylon and acrylic… we have chosen the natural route to do our part in helping to make our world a better place. Rose fibre is an innovative product, is ecologically green and biodegradable. Not to mention that it is a soft, silky fibre that naturally absorbs moisture. In many ways, the rose yarn is similar to bamboo.

I’m so excited about this new line of Vegan Friendly Yarn! This fibre spun beautifully and has been dyed with natural dyes in lovely pastel colours. I can imagine some beautiful spring shawls and caplets created in these beautiful colours. Anything you could knit or crochet from silk or bamboo would work with this yarn. I invite you to check out our A Rose By Any Other Name - Vegan Friendly Yarn available on our website later this week.