At this time of year, many people's thoughts turn to love. Love is a word we use to describe how we feel about many things. The love of... partner, family, friends, pets, food, work, play, music, fashion... and fibres!

Life is about the joy in enjoying all of the above listed types of love. I am grateful to have the love of a wonderful man, a beautiful daughter, and supportive family. I believe in life to appreciate the love shown to us by others, we must also be happy in our own hearts. Having a love for fibres and fabrics and colours, allows me to be happy. In our modern, busy lives we can often forget the joy because we are too wrapped up in our daily lives. I fell in love with fibres and fabrics and colour as a child when I learned to sew and knit. I was taught by my mother, who was taught by her mother, and we can go back many generations to experience a similar process. And, at least in our family, the process continues as my mother and I worked to teach my daughter a love of fibres and fabrics and colour.

Through the years, there have been times I have had to remember to return to the joy when life was busy. But always, I was able to find joy again. Now, I am privileged to work in my studio with the things I love and find joy every day. The thing that most excites me about my love is that I get to share my joy with all of you! 

In this season of love, I hope that what I do to find my joy by continuing my love affair with fibres and fabrics and colours, helps you to find your joy and fall in love.